Interior Pictures

Here is a picture of the living room looking out into the front yard.

Looking more toward the left you can see into the Dining Room and down the long hallway that connects the other rooms.

The Kitchen is small, but functional with a large drafting table I cut down to a smaller size to make a counter.

Next, is the Dinning Room, and a view of one corner and the hutch.

Another picture of the Dinning Room looking into the Living Room.

The Bathroom is simple and is one of the only two room that does not have natural sunlight; the Pantry is the other room with no windows.

Here is the large Bedroom, it measure 24' by 12' and includes a walk-in closet.

Finally, another view of the Bedroom, with the back-up heater in the corner. The only areas not shown were the entry hall, pantry, garage and my "office".

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